non-profit for alternative film culture

what is “alternative”

No tickets. Welcome! Make yourself at home. We hope that a suggested donation between 30-100 kr per film will pay the bills 🙂

When was the last time you saw that film on the big screen is something we want our members to ask one another.

Remember discounted, second-run theatres? We’re back.

“The End” can be the beginning of a conversation. Hypnos Theatre is never going to kindly usher you to the EXIT.

Art films at the museum with headphones and a wooden bench, that´s one, two, three strikes. No good. Alternative is a big screen with big speakers and a cushy chair.

Cinema at its beginning was a instrument of social cohesion, common experience. Streaming sites might be good for distributors, but are they good for Us? Alternatively, we laugh togther, we hear each other sniffle, gasp, we talk it out after, remember that scene and that other scene…

this is english, not everybody englishes. Alternatively…