Located inconspicuously in the center of the “The Blue House” on Norra Grängesbergsgatan, Hypnos Theatre is a 100m2 microcinema with an 8m-high ceiling, a stage, stereo pro-cinema sound, 56 vintage cinema chairs and a cafe serving fresh popcorn.
Since our founding on January 19, 2019, we’ve hosted hundreds of films, a few mini-festivals, film premiere events, live panel talks, streamed q&a sessions, live musical and theatrical performances and private events.
We love collaborating, even we’re just the place for IT TO HAPPEN. Thank you to all the organizations and individuals who’ve worked with us, let’s keep going and growing together.
(An archive of past events coming soon.)

About our namesake, Hypnos, the Greek god, personification of sleep

Hypnos was not one of the more commonly worshipped gods, but he was important. He is most often depicted as a gentle young man with wings coming from his temples or shoulders. He is the brother of Thanatos, a nature god who was the personification of death. Hypnos and Thanatos lived in the Underworld, in a cave where neither sunlight nor moonlight would enter. The entrance to this cave was surrounded by poppies, which can make people fall asleep.

Hypnos’ other family members include his mother Nyx, goddess of night, and his father Erebus, god of darkness. He was married to Pasithea, a goddess of relaxation and hallucination. So, what do you get when you combine sleep and hallucination? Hypnos and Pasithea had three sons called the Oneiroi, which is Greek for the Dreams. One son could take human form in people’s dreams, one was the personification of nightmares, and one made fake dreams full of illusions. (Source)

Photo by Gianluca La Bruna