Shadow world

NOVEMBER 12 | THURS 19:00 | 40SEK | English (eng subs)

Andrew Feinstein developed his career as a politician in the African National Congress, the party which has come to win all the South African democratic elections since 1994, when Nelson Mandela was elected as the first post-apartheid president. In 2001 and after seven years, Feinstein resigned from the ANC, due to the party’s rejection to allow a thorough investigation of the controversial South African Arms Deal.

Grimonprez adapted Feinstein’s book, The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade (2011), into a documentary. Co-written together with Feinstein himself, the film reveals the entanglement between political leaders and weapon entrepreneurs, a billion-dollar alliance fuelled by greed and terror.

After the screening of Shadow World, Feinstein will share with us some of his insights concerning the corrupted global arms trade, and how he collaborated with Grimonprez in the translation of his book into a feature documentary.