HYPNOS THEATRE can be rented for a wide range of activities: birthday parties, private film screenings, seminars, small stage productions including theatrical and musical performances, club gatherings and meetings, book & poetry readings etc. If the size of your group or potential audience is 60 or less we might be the best place for you. 

The cafe / lounge with popcorn machine, piano and video library seats 10 – 12 comfortably in a large plush velvet sofa with tables and antique cafe chairs. The theatre has 56 vintage blue velvet cinema seats, a stage (microphones available) and a 5 meter wide screen. 

Sound is in 4-way JBL (cinema series) stereo, with a state of the art processor and genuine hifi amplifiers. We have a variety of top-quality, professional-grade, small theater projectors and a selection of 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm analog projectors. 

Formats we can screen films include VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, computer files, 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm – basically any format except 35mm and DCP. Naturally, you are responsible for securing the appropriate film rights for all films you plan to screen for the public. 

Service is nothing to worry about. Our staff will take great care with the audio / visual operations, cafe service (as needed) and cleaning. The cafe serves fresh popcorn and coffee, soft drinks and candy. You may bring your own food and drinks but please keep in mind that you cannot serve homemade food to the public.

The minimum rental period is one hour. One hour events cannot be open to the public. Even if you want to show a 5 minute film for previewing purposes you still need to book the hourly rate because staff need to arrive early and the film needs to be tested, perhaps in advance as well. 

How much time you need to book for your event is up to you, however, if you are inviting an audience (public or private) to your event we require a minimum of one hour in addition to the length of the movie or performance. This is when your attendees arrive and depart, including the time required to test the film (whether done in the days before or just prior to the screening), prepare the theater and cafe and clean up afterwards.

For example if you have a film that runs 90 minutes, the 2-hour booking rate is insufficient. The 3 hour booking rate is required and would typically look like this: 

18.00 = Staff arrives and prepares the theater, cafe and lounge

18:30 = Doors open

19:00 = Program starts 

20:30 = Show ends, casual hang afterwards in cafe 

21:00 = Close down completed, lights out and doors locked. 

And even then that does not allow much hang-out time after the show, which sometimes can be a good idea. If you need extra time for a substantial introduction or Q & A after the show as well as hang-out and mingle time for your guests, then in fact a 4 hour rate would be best. 

Prices in SEK (include MOMS) and are applicable any time of day / evening, monday – friday.


* More than 6hours is unusual and would need to be discussed. 

** If you want to develop a recurring event, as in a monthly film club gathering, we can dis

Please send any questions regarding booking to paul(at)

We thank you for your interest! 

End of document.